Deqing Guotai Fireproof Material Factory,established in 1997,is a manufacturer and exporter of refractry &insulating materials,fireproof&flame-retardant materials.high-tempreture&sealing materials,and customized special products.Our products are aluminum silicate ceramic fiber series,ceramic fiber textile series,multicrysta mullite fibrous products with 1700℃ long-term use temperature ,glassfiber series,carbon fiber textile,basalt fiber series,aramid fiber fabric&tape&thread,flame-retardant cotton,aluminized fiberglass cloth,flame-retardant cloth for shelter,fireproof expansion products,fireproof blanket&rolled curtain&wrap&partition,inorganic fireproof board,asbestos products,stove and oven construction,pipe installation for heat resistance,centrifugal glass coytton,rock wool products,HTA, aluminum foil FRP,aluminum foil adhesive tape,rock wool oven board,expanded vermiculite,vermiculite fireproof board,high silicic-oxygen products,stainless stell products,other fireproof and protecting materials.Our principle is:practical life, serious work.On this occasion,the president Cai Baoyun,on behalf of his staff,extends his warmly welcome to friends of various circles and at the same time seeks cooperation and co-development.



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